Training Code of Ethics

Purposes of the code: This Code of Professional Conduct shows commitment by members of the obligation to self-discipline above and beyond the requirements of law. Thus, it notifies the public that members will maintain a high level of ethics and professional service in a way that will be beneficial to society. ILLAFTrain enforces the Code by receiving and investigating all complaints of violations and by taking disciplinary action, including revocation of accreditation against any member who is personally found to be guilty of Code violation. It is the desire for the respect and confidence of the profession, and of the society that should motivate the trainer to maintain the highest possible ethical conduct.

 The professionals’ commitment: The “franchisee” and ILLAFTrain’s trainers, employees and administrators agree on the following statements for granting the certificate, membership and accreditation, and using the advantages given to them by ILLAFTrain:

  • I will not publish or restrain from challenging the validity of any false or misleading information that I think might entail important consequences.
  • I will not give any information or professional advice that I am aware is misleading or that isn’t within my field of competence.
  • I will not seek to obtain, through my position or any of my private contacts, for my personal use or the use of others, any information I am not allowed to obtain.
  • I will comply with the applicable laws within their scope of competence, and I will not advise or help any person to act in any way contrary to these laws and will inform the concerned individuals in case I was aware of any unlawful acts.
  • I will perform my occupational duties in a manner that will not damage the training career.
  • I will abide by the professional standards of training.
  • I will take the necessary action when I am certain in a practical manner of an unethical act committed by one of my colleagues.
  • I will not misinterpret my qualifications, experiences or professional experience as a trainer and I will limit my contributions to my field (s) of expertise.
  • I will fully acknowledge the work of others.
  • I will keep all the information about my customers/employer strictly confidential.
  • I will respect the commercial side of my commitment toward my customers and/or my employer to execute all the contractual agreements, meet the confidentiality requirements and keep the information of my customers/employer and the other companies confidential.
  • I undertake to refer any letters that I have received by mistake to ILLAFTrain to enable it to reply to them.
  • I will refuse to perform any act that I feel is unethical or that takes advantage of resources belonging to others.
  • I will avoid conflicts of interest and inform about any potential conflict.
  • I will continually try to improve my professional skills.
  • I will adhere to the honor and dignity of the profession.
  • I will maintain high standards of ethical personal conduct.